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Meat-based diet  v/s Vegetarian diet

With changing times and a growing consciousness about the downside of eating meat, an increasing number of people are opting for vegetarian diet. Some people opt for vegetarianism due to some reasons like religious, environmental, health, etc. You will find many people who have turned from non vegetarians to vegetarians for several reasons. Whatever be the reason, the bottom-line is that a generous intake of meat based diet can cause many health hazards while a generous vegetarian diet can lead to many health benefits, including lowering of cholesterol, controlling diabetes, hypertension and much more.

Here we present you a few merits of going green.

1. Helps in detoxifying body: Vegetarian food naturally detoxifies our body since it is rich in many nutrients and phyto-chemicals like fiber, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. These nutrients help our body to cleanse the harmful substances. On the other hand, meat, it contains a lot of toxins and residues. Fishes swallow a lot of toxins in the sea and so does goat, cow, and pig on ground by eating polluted foods. These harmful substances enter a human body when the meat of these animals is consumed and it causes many health problems.

2. Improves the process of digestion:
 One of the significant differences between a non-vegetarian diet and vegetarian diet is the presence of fiber in vegetarian diet whereas the meat based diet does not have any kind of fiber in it. The dietary fiber is very important for good health as it aids digestion and helps in avoiding overeating. Research shows that people who eat diets rich in fiber have low incidence of coronary heart diseases, cancers, piles, obesity, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases. The foods that are rich in dietary fibers are whole grains, legumes, green vegetables, salads, fruits, and almonds.

3. Improves cardio-vascular health:
 Vegetarian diet is high in vitamins and minerals and low in fats and other harmful substances while meat based diet may be high in certain nutrients but it is also very high in fats and LDL - the bad cholesterol. People who follow vegetarian diet along with regular exercises tend to live healthy lives with normal cholesterol levels whereas a diet rich in meat based foods create an adverse impact on cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart diseases and other related ailments like hypertension.

4. Reduces risk of cancer: Green leafy veggies have been shown to have beneficial effect on a number of cancers like colon cancer and rectum cancer whereas a meat based diet, especially the one which consists of red meats and animal fats are shown to have carcinogenic effect. Carcinogens are those elements which are responsible for causing cancer.

5. The secret of a longer life:
 Vegetarian diet is proved to be healthy in every sense and helps in lowering bad cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure, controlling weight gain, and it also lowers the risk of life style diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and many other ailments. When people follow a vegetarian diet, they reap these benefits and their chances of living a healthy and long life automatically increase.

It is evident that a vegetarian diet is better in many ways than a meat based diet but those who are quite keen to eat meat can lead a healthy lifestyle by eating non vegetarian food in moderation and following an exercise regimen regularly. Red meats should be avoided and lean meats should be eaten for minimizing the bad effects.

About the author:
Alia haley is a writer and blogger who is addicted to shopping for eco friendly items. She totally believes in Green Living Her entire house boasts of eco friendly assets including appliances and furniture. Right now she is in search of an eco friendly carpet that is missing out from her collection and preparing to write on certain topics related to green tips for beauty.

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